Leading B2B market for fashion wholesalers FashionGo brings back online trade fair experience from ‘FashionGo Week’


‘FashionGo Week’ returns from August 2-6, connecting 820,000 buyers with more than 1,500 sellers

LOS ANGELES, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ModeGo, a leading B2B wholesale online marketplace that enables the fashion industry to network and discover new opportunities, announces its third online trade fair “FashionGo Week” by. at August 2ndnd by 6th of August. FashionGo’s platform connects more than 1,500 providers With 820,000 Retail buyers year-round to make trading easier for both groups and to encourage instant brand discovery, relationship building and data-driven shopping through powerful digital tools. FashionGo Week participants can attend the event for free and buy seasonal newcomers from top sellers while benefiting from exclusive show offers and promotions.

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The FashionGo marketplace has grown significantly recently, as the FashionGo Week as an online trade fair has become a permanent fixture in wholesale. New registered FashionGo buyers increased 180% in August 2020 around the first FashionGo Week compared to the previous year and increased 160% in February 2021 around the second FashionGo Week. Even if in-person trade shows resume, online trade shows have proven successful and will continue to grow as their accessibility and convenience make them valuable to buyers who may lack the resources to attend an in-person trade show.

“Our focus is on filling the gaps in the industry and delivering solutions that will benefit both sellers and buyers today and beyond. This is one of the reasons we launched FashionGo Week,” said Paul Lee, CEO of NHN Global, the parent company of FashionGo. “We have succeeded in identifying the real needs and challenges of the industry. With our know-how and experience, we are working quickly to offer solutions and continue to be of inestimable value for our current and future customers.”

FashionGo Week offers first-class features such as “Watch and Shop”, a livestream shopping experience that enables attendees to see their favorite sellers, chat and buy new seasonal products in real time. You can also use data-driven analyzes of bestsellers by “Best of Best” during the trade fair and use the visual search functions of Style Match + to find exactly the products you need. Attendees will shop for the season’s expected novelties from exclusive FashionGo sellers, as well as sellers from around the world, discounts and promotions, and use calculated insights to make informed purchasing decisions at no additional cost.

To learn more about FashionGo Week, please visit: www.fashiongo.net/fgweek

To exhibit as a seller at FashionGo Week, please send an email to: newvendor@fashiongo.com

About FashionGo Week

FashionGo is the leading B2B wholesale online marketplace that enables the fashion industry to network and discover new opportunities. Founded in 2002 in the heart of Los Angeles’ fashion district, FashionGo helps the global wholesale industry buy and sell the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle on a single platform. With more than 1,485 wholesalers and 883,404 retailers, FashionGo offers powerful tools, world-class service and insightful data. Driven by technology, FashionGo enables buyers and sellers at all stages to shop smarter, sell more, and grow faster. FashionGo is part of NHN Global.

FashionGo week

FashionGo week



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