Lifemate reaffirms its commitment to supporting local economies


furniture Manufacturing company Lifemate has stated that it is committed to improving the living conditions of the Nigerian people by giving back to its distributors and franchisee friends.

The company made the statement during the Lifemate Dealer Conference in Ogun State.

The dealer conference offered an interaction with the company’s distributors while the company also introduced some of its new products to the market.

At the conference, the company’s Wholesale Director, Mark Otobo, thanked the distributors for their partnership and identification with the company’s vision.

Otobo said: “The quality, durability, precautions and ever-improving brand of our products that we are known for over the years have made Lifemate the world’s leading furniture company.

Our annual product promo and exhibition are of maximum reward to all our customers due to the massive discounts of only 10 percent on products that allow them to generate additional profit.”

For his part, the company’s deputy project director Howard Gao said the dealer conference was significant as it brought the company and its partners together to discuss the company’s development while announcing a distribution and franchisee model to create opportunities for common development partners.

He said: “The company has made tireless efforts to improve the living conditions of the Nigerian people, develop and prosper together with the Nigerian people, and win the support and trust of the people. Thanks to the love of people from all walks of life in Nigeria, we have achieved these great achievements.”

Likewise, the head of the company’s wholesale department, Anas Khuwias, said that the manufacturing process employed by the company places a high value on quality and thoroughness.

Khuwias said, “When making outdoor products, the wrought iron materials go through the pickling process to remove oil and rust, and then dry and apply anti-rust paint, so the wrought iron parts are guaranteed not to rust for a long time.”

A raffle was also held at the dealer conference, where dealers and customers could win prizes.


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