MakerSights adds FlexPLM integration to break down silos


Collaborative workspace for assortment management MakerSights added integration with PTC FlexPLM V12. The integration is designed to instantly sync product data from the FlexPLM product lifecycle management platform to MakerSight’s workspace, allowing product development and merchandising teams to quickly and easily engage with consumers about products in development.

The integration aims to break down data silos and connect two critical digital tools within a brand’s value chain to create a direct path for cross-functional collaboration on assortment management within a single digital workspace. Automating this workflow helps ensure product information in MakerSights is always up-to-date, saves time, and enables teams to more rapidly test products under development with consumers at scale.

The goal of the solution is to provide product, retailer and other cross-functional teams and stakeholders with a complete, up-to-date view of ranges under development in the context of consumer sentiment data and internal stakeholder feedback. This 360-degree view of assortment can empower product and merchandising teams to make faster, data-driven product decisions to reduce the risk of overstocking and overproduction.


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