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MUNCY – Muncy Town Council approved a new contract between the county and the police that includes a $ 2 an hour increase in wages this week, along with other items on the agenda.

The city council approved the 2022-2024 6-1 Police Contract, which included a $ 2 increase in wages for uniformed officers, among other minor changes.

The starting hourly wage for a full-time uniformed officer is $ 23.02 and will rise to $ 24.50 in 2024.

Part-time officers start at $ 20.50 probation in 2022 and go up to $ 24.50 for more than four years of service in the department.

“We did it because it was on par with other police stations in the area and we need to be competitive.” That said the President of the City Council, Ed Feigles.

Richard Baker, a city councilor, voted against the motion to accept the contract based on the $ 2 increase.

In addition, the district council has approved the municipal minimum requirement for district employee pensions. The minimum commitment for the uniformed pension for 2022 is $ 78,157, while the minimum commitment for the uniformed pension is $ 48,463.

The local council has also announced that trick or treating will take place on Saturday, October 30th, from 6pm to 8pm

Members of the Muncy Historical Society approached the Muncy City Council for the “Grass hill” on the corner of Main and Water Street in a community recreation area.

Bill Poulton, president of the historic society, told the council the society is seeking a $ 50,000 grant for the project.

Although the county council made no formal motions on the matter, they encouraged Poulton to develop the motion further, warning him of the State Department of Transportation’s right of way on the roadside and the fact that the area is in the floodplain.

In other news, the district council unanimously voted for district manager Charley Hall to apply for a multimodal transportation grant to replace the Carpenter Street Bridge.

According to Hall, the bridge has several underlying issues that suggest it should be replaced in the long term.

The city council accepted Gardner Tree Services’ offer to remove 21 dead trees around the district’s maintenance shed on Old Glade Run Road for $ 4,725.

District police chief James Dorman also announced that the 2013 cruiser the division traded on Municibid received a bid of $ 5,900, which was below the $ 8,000 desired. However, with several items donated from the new cruiser the community bought, the cost will essentially be offset, he said.

The city council agreed to accept the offer and also approved Dorman to sign all documents for the purchase of a 2017 Ford Explorer.

The local council next discussed three residents who had violations of the permit on their properties who had not responded to indications of these violations.

Hall said the code department will take action to enforce removal of three pools or convince property owners to get proper building and floodplain management for the properties.

Many of the violations were in the floodplains, which would mean the community, and therefore taxpayers, would take it into account if the Federal Emergency Management Agency took action on the unresolved violations, Feigles said.

Towards the end of the meeting, the discussion got heated when District Councilor Rick Umpstead mentioned that several stops and pedestrian crossings in the district were faded and should be repaired.

“I bring this up every year and nothing is done” said Umpstead.

In return, Hall asked the street committee for help locating the crosswalks and handrails that needed repainting.

“It’s easier for everyone if you give them a list” Feigles told Umpstead.

The Muncy parish council will next fire on October 5th at 7pm at Muncy Area Vol.

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