MyDeal delivers record sales as customers flock to shop online


The growing trust and use of online shopping by Australians during the Covid-19 pandemic gave the online marketplace MyDeal a record year in which gross sales more than doubled to $ 218.1 million and the active ones Customers grew by 83 percent.

The increase in gross sales was coupled with an increase in active customers as more Aussies were forced to use online shopping, although the company’s private label offering also grew more strongly in FY21 and was $ 8.8 million in gross sales Company added.

“MyDeal has once again outpaced the industry’s growth rates … by building on our value proposition to provide superior value to our customers and marketplace sellers,” said Sean Senvirtne, CEO of MyDeal.

“We have placed ourselves in an enviable position to capitalize on increased demand and the ongoing transition to e-commerce with active customers now numbering over 894,000. [signifying] the trust of customers in our products, brands and our shopping experience. “

And after launching the company’s shopping app in May, MyDeal continued to improve conversion rates.

As for the company’s annual earnings, MyDeal has yet to provide any information on their landing – although half-yearly earnings have been impacted by the cost of going public and listing on the ASX.

However, according to Senvirtne, the future of online business is “brighter than ever”.


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