New online shop for sushi quality Japanese fish

Daily Need Exim Pvt Ltd has opened the newly launched online store “MAIN” specializing in Japanese ingredients such as sushi grade fish “Bluefin Tuna”, “Yellowtail” etc. imported from Japan every month be, as well as on the most important spices for Japanese cuisine. It is the first online store selling sushi-grade Japanese fish to individuals in India.

Shopping for Japanese seafood and other ingredients is now just a click away. MAIN offers a variety of Japanese products from Japan to customers’ doorsteps. Japanese cuisine has always aroused interest with its uniqueness. MAIN provides the ingredients to create this magic in Indian cuisine.

The sushi grade fish sold at MAIN are imported from Japan after quick freezing to preserve the quality. And they are delivered to customers’ homes in fence condition, which can be eaten simply by defrosting and slicing. Disruptive processes are not necessary. Just order on the website, receive it the next day and enjoy authentic sushi at home. It will certainly be talked about whether it is a party with friends or a meeting with relatives.

In addition to fish, MAIN sells miso, tofu, natto and other Japanese soybean products and edamame, which are very popular with health-conscious people and vegetarians.

Wanting to try something new and healthy at the same time is a tricky one, but the solution might lie in Japanese cuisine and MAIN is the place to buy it all. The fine line between taste and health plays an important role in Japanese cuisine.

On the other hand, in recent years, in addition to sushi, Japanese foods such as yakitori and ramen noodles have become popular in India with their addictive taste. Unlike luxury hotels and restaurants, it can be enjoyed in a mall cafe or simply delivered.

If you want to keep trying to cook them at home, please visit MAIN to shop. There are also ready meals.

And not only the products, but also simple recipes are published on the site. Grocery stores play an important role in everyone’s life. On MAIN you will find everything you need to prepare Japanese dishes and complete the kitchen.

Currently, MAIN has 4 branches in India ie Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, these locations can also ship to surrounding areas (Pune, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Hyderabad). There are plans to open a branch in Kolkata later this year.

For more information, MAIN is active on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Her business account with Google is always open to inquiries, and customers can reach her in English, Japanese, Hindi, and other regional languages.


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