OptifiNow creates custom integration with LoanScorecard for non-QM large lenders



OptifiNow, a provider of custom CRM solutions for the mortgage loan industry, has announced an integration with LoanScorecard, a provider of agency-independent automated underwriting systems.

The integration enables large lenders to provide quick and accurate scenario quotes to mortgage brokers in a high volume call center sales process.

Oaktree Funding, a mortgage loan wholesaler in Upland, California, is the first customer to use the integration, OptifNow said in a press release.

Oaktree selected OptifiNow and LoanScorecard to develop a custom process that would enable call center sales reps to quickly respond to incoming phone calls with offers for loan scenarios.

OptifiNow has integrated its Support-onDemand customer service module with LoanScorecard’s automated credit decision engine so that users can quickly enter a scenario and receive a product and price decision in CRM.

The product and prices are emailed to the mortgage broker while he is on the phone with the sales representative.

“OptifiNow and LoanScorecard have created a process that perfectly fits our wholesale call center model,” said Kris Martin, Co-CEO of Oaktree Mortgage. “When an agent answers the call, a broker record appears on their monitor and a scenario request is created with one click. A call can be completed in less than four minutes, so our staff can respond to hundreds of inquiries a week. “

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