Over 5,000 were delivered in October 2021



Kia reported worldwide car sales of 217,872 in October (down 18.9% compared to the previous year). The decline is mainly explained by “the interruption in supply caused by the shortage of semiconductors around the world.”

Nonetheless, sales of the fully electric Kia EV6 are booming. We cracked some numbers and it turns out some 5.101 were delivered in October (from 2,744 in September and 1,911 in August). That is 2.3% of the total volume.

The number includes around 2,762 units in South Korea and 2,339 in Europe (first month of volume deliveries).

The Kia EV6 is ready for further growth as wholesale sales (at the manufacturer level or factory sales) hit nearly 7,000 in October. It’s really not bad considering the Hyundai Ioniq 5 – unveiled earlier – stands at 8,750 (its own record level).

The two together are close to 16,000 a month without even hitting North America, and the third E-GMP-based model, the Genesis GV60, is just around the corner.

The EV6 isn’t the only electric car in the Kia range, but we don’t have all the numbers yet. The Soul EV and Niro EV had 800 and 5,521 retail sales, respectively, outside of South Korea in October (we don’t have numbers for Kia’s home market). That would be a total of 11,422 for the Kia EV6 (5.2% of the total volume) – potentially more.

Kia doesn’t give PHEV numbers, but it could be a few extra percent.

So far this year the company has sold no fewer than 66,600 fully electric cars (all EV6 plus Soul EV / Niro EV outside South Korea).

Hopefully we’ll see Kia EV6 with 10,000+ units per month soon, and the expansion will include North America, where it’s expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022.



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