Pinnacle Packaging President explains how COVID and online shopping are driving packaging demand to an all-time high



“The prices have risen significantly last year, except for one and a half years. I expect an increase of 7-14% for plastics, 3-5% for adhesives and corrugated cardboard rises about every two.” Months and will increase by another 10% this month. “

Before COVID, online shopping was on the rise, but when the pandemic broke out, online shopping became a way of life for many. As a result, the demand for packaging for shipping the products to your home has soared and is now at an all-time high.

“It has been a little over 18 months since the COVID outbreak and the shutdown began. People have got used to shopping online and still do it, whether for convenience or because they don’t want to be in public spaces, ”said Nicole DeJoris, president of Pinnacle Packaging.

Starting in the late 1990s, online shopping has grown so much that people are changing – and are still changing – their shopping habits today. They have found it extremely convenient, and they can find more choices, more options, and better prices online.

This has only increased the number of packages being sent to consumers and has a huge impact on the amount of packaging material needed to keep the supply chain going.

As the online shopping trend maintains its current pace, DeJoris explained that its impact on brick and mortar stores has resulted in many of them being closed and switched to an online model only. It didn’t take long for companies to discover that they can leverage online sales to increase profitability and reduce overhead costs.

As the pressure and demand for online stores to meet consumer demand for goods increases, so does their suppliers, who struggle to hire the number of workers they need to keep up with demand, not to mention the growing.

When companies can’t produce even the bare minimum that industry needs, it becomes a snowball that keeps getting bigger as it rolls downhill.

Those who need packaging materials are very aware of the challenges in the current environment. Your suppliers see raw material shortages in the manufacture of the products they depend on.

When challenges come together in this way, prices go up too. Added to this are the rising freight costs due to increased demand and the shortage of labor.

“The prices have risen significantly in the last year to a year and a half,” she said. “I expect an increase of 7-14% for plastics, 3-5% for adhesives and corrugated board, about every two months and this month by another 10%.”

The rise in prices is due to this perfect storm of labor and raw material shortages, as well as increasing demand. For those struggling to get packaging, especially branded packaging, DeJoris suggested using simple boxes of tape with your company’s branding on it.

Regardless of which route customers choose, it is advisable to order packaging material as soon as possible.

“Vacation packaging design should begin in January, while general needs ordering should be placed at least seven months in advance,” she recommended.

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