PlantX celebrates the grand opening of Chicago’s XMarket Uptown with an event featuring local vegan brands


Chicago location expands brick-and-mortar retail concept to peven shops worldwide

VANCOUVER, BC, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PlantX Life Inc. (CSE: VEGA) (Frankfurt: WNT1) (OTCQB: PLTXF) (“PlantX” or the “company“), the digital face of the plant-based community, operating a one-stop shop for plant-based products, celebrated the official launch of XMarket Uptown on July 31, 2022. The celebrations included a series of celebrations with booths and tasting stations from Dreampops, Kitchen 17, Good2Go Veggie and Up-N-Down Burger. XMarket Uptown has scheduled weekly events through the end of 2022. XMarket Uptown is the company’s second store in The United States and sixth shop worldwide.

The 6,000 square foot supermarket at 804 W Montrose Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, in the laid-back, residential neighborhood of Uptown, is said to be the largest vegan grocery store in the world. The grand opening celebration follows the completion of the store’s merchandise redesign, the installation of a new exterior sign and a revamped management team.

“Our carefully designed XMarket concept brings the vegan lifestyle directly to consumers Chicago to taste, explore and understand the plant-based lifestyle,” said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin. “XMarket is a vegan bodega with a highly curated selection of the best vegan produce from around the world and local area. Our goal is to make the plant-based lifestyle accessible. Our grand opening party is taking place Chicago was an overwhelming success. We plan to capitalize on the success of live events by hosting weekly in-store events.”

XMarket’s retail concept is designed to educate consumers, make the plant-based lifestyle more accessible and collaborate with brands in the space on sampling sessions or educational activities. To date, PlantX has six XMarket locations in Uptown (Chicago), Rideau (Ottawa), squamousYorkdale (Toronto), Venice Beach, Tel Avivas well as a co-branded location in Plainfield (Illinois).

Xmarket Uptown is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m Visit for more information or to place an online order through our delivery partner Mercato.

About PlantX Life Inc.

As the digital face of the plant-based community, PlantX’s platform is a one-stop shop for plant-based products. With its fast-growing category verticals, the company caters to customers in every field North America more than 5,000 herbal products. In addition to meal delivery and houseplant delivery, the company is currently planning to expand its product lines to include a juice and coffee company. The company uses its digital platform to build a community of like-minded consumers and, most importantly, to provide education. His successful business is built and consolidated on partnerships with the best nutritionists, chefs and brands. The company’s digital presence aims to remove the barriers to entry for anyone interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle and living longer, healthier, and happier lives.

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