Poll: Drunk Online Shopping Is Sobering Big Business


During the COVID-19 pandemic, seven in ten consumers made e-commerce purchases while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to a new survey by CouponChief of over 1,000 US adults, 70% of respondents admitted to having made at least one online purchase while drunk or intoxicated since the beginning of the pandemic. Men (76%) were more likely to shop drunk online than women (46%).

Overall, over the past year, respondents spent an average of $ 564 on online purchases while drunk. Men ($ 583) spent more than women ($ 526). When intoxicated, Amazon (69%) was used more often for online shopping than Walmart, eBay and Target combined (67%).

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The most common online drunk purchases were clothing (46%), food deliveries (36%), wearable devices (30%), and video games (28%). While women were more likely to spend on clothing (55%) and food deliveries (37%) while tipsy, men were more likely to buy portable devices (33%) and video games (35%).

In a typical month, around half (49%) of respondents said they had shopped once under the influence, followed by those who bought two to three times a month (36%), four to five times (12%) ) participated in a sum purchase. and six or more times a month (3%).

For the most part, the weekends were the most popular time for intoxicated online purchases. Saturday (56%) is the most popular day for online shopping, followed by Friday (44%) and Sunday (39%). Of the other days of the week, Monday (25%) was significantly more popular than Tuesday (17%), Wednesday or Thursday (11% each). One in ten respondents admitted they didn’t remember what days of the week they got drunk or did a lot of e-commerce.

Unsurprisingly, evenings (57%) and late nights (52%) were the most popular times of the day to do intoxicated online purchases. Around a quarter (24%) of respondents had shopped drunk in the afternoon, and 18% had “dog hair” and went shopping online drunk in the morning. One percent really didn’t know what time it was (but apparently asked online retailers if they could stay for a while).

Birthday parties (42%), holidays (41%), wedding parties (27%), and sporting events (26%) were common reasons for online shopping under the influence. One in five (21%) did not need a reason at all.

Looking at intoxicated e-commerce habits by generation, the survey found that 74% of millennials had been shopping online at least drunk or high during the pandemic, followed by Gen X (67%) and baby boomers (55%). Gen X, however, spent slightly more online ($ 604) than Millennials ($ 603) when high, with baby boomers spending significantly less on average ($ 338).

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