Retail Prices of Essential Commodities in Cyprus


Amid global inflation, the Price Observatory of the Cyprus Consumer Protection Service has recorded an increase in retail food prices of up to 21% and a decrease of up to 13% between 14 September and 12 October this year.

Seasonal price increases totaled 65.5% for greenhouse cucumbers and 23.6% for tomatoes.

More specifically, the data shows that the largest increases over the same period were for cheese (21.4%) and coffee and cereals (more than 9%).

Despite the price increases, some significant price decreases were observed over the same period, notably for fresh fish (up to 13.1%), oils/seeds (up to 9.7%), frozen products (up to 8.8%) and pasta (up to to 6.4%).

The average cost of fresh milk on October 12 ranged from €1.56 to €3.03 per liter, according to the observatory. The average price per pack of rice ranged from €1.52 to €5.79. Yoghurt ranged from €1.88 to €4.36, while the average price for coffee ranged from €2.97 to €7.43.

Depending on the product, the average price for a pack of cheese was between 1.72 and 7.58 euros, cereals between 2.38 and 3.75 euros and cold cuts between 2.62 and 3.91 euros.


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