Revision of the radar for the wholesale market in Siliguri


It covers about 50 hectares and is the largest center for fruit, vegetables, fish and other perishable goods in North Bengal

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Published 09/21/21 3:52 AM

The State Agricultural Marketing Department has decided to revamp the regulated market in Mallaguri on the north end of Siliguri.

This was recently decided at a meeting of Biplab Mitra, the Bengali Minister of Agricultural Marketing, in the state guest house here with officials from his department, district officials of Darjeeling and the chairman of the board of directors of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Gautam Deb.

“A private consultancy will prepare the detailed project report, and after the necessary formalities, work will begin in the market area,” said an official from the department.

It covers about 50 acres and is the largest wholesale center for fruits, vegetables, fish and other perishable goods in the north

Bengal. It was founded in the early 1990s and needs to be revised immediately.

Every day hundreds of trucks from across the country bring various items to market with around 800 stalls. Goods to the value of Rs 5 crore to Rs 6 crore are processed here every day.

“It is also the main hub from which vegetables, fish and fruit are delivered to the hills and from where the famous Darjeeling oranges are shipped across the country and also to Bangladesh,” said a fruit wholesaler.

In his opinion, there is hardly any space for vehicles in the market, which leads to the growling of traffic. Waterlogging, bad roads, dirt, improper garbage disposal, and dilapidated stalls are some of the obvious problems the market is facing.

Officials from the state agricultural marketing department said it had initially been decided that after goods were unloaded, trucks would drive to Paribahan Nagar in Matigara, 3 km away, to park.

“A border wall will be built, video surveillance devices will be installed. Styrofoam boxes are banned from the market, ”said an official.


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