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Customers from three Parkersburg salvage centers helped clean up rubble from Ripley Penetcostals Church after it suffered major flood damage last month. Pastor Frank Bounds said the church is no longer able to use the building and that the congregation wants to buy another building in the Ripley area. (Photo provided)

RIPLEY – Heavy rains hit the Ripley community in early June, but those affected are finding a way back to normal as community members volunteered their time and facilities.

Ripley Pentecostals Church on Clay Lick Road had damage to its newly renovated building and volunteers have been working to clean up the rubble for the past few weeks.

Pastor Frank Bounds said people from three recreation centers in Parkersburg came to help, and several churches have offered a building for the congregation to worship together.

Bounds said the damaged building will not be used again by the church and the future of the building is unclear, but the church will eventually purchase a facility in the Ripley area.

“We got a letter from the governor’s office saying they can’t help us.” Limits said. “We don’t want to make decisions as long as the emotions are so high.”

Ripley Pentecost services are currently being held at the New Life Fellowship at 2557 Charleston Road, Ripley. Despite recent challenges, Bounds said the ward is still faithful to one another and to the Church.

“They are fine, they are good people. We haven’t lost anyone, they are happy where we (are) right now. “ Limits said.

Donations can be made to Ripley Pentecostals, 604 Carnian Ford Road, Ripley, WV 25271.

Pam Bailey’s Church Street dance school in downtown Ripley also had flooding, but Bailey said the building had been cleaned up and hoped there was no permanent damage.

“Things are looking pretty good. I just keep my fingers crossed that it will stay that way and that we won’t have any problems along the way. “ She said.

After the storm, Bailey said, people showed up to help clean up the building.

“Some wonderful people just showed up and started helping. It speaks for itself when you think that things are bad in the world, there are people (who) are good people and (who) are there for you when you need them. “ said Bailey.

When the storm hit on June 9th, dancers were rehearsing in the Ripley High School auditorium in preparation for a concert on June 19th. So no time was wasted on cleanup.

Normal classes will resume on Monday.

“So far we are coming out well, we hope that everything will be well” said Bailey.

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