Rs 500 reward for sharing photo of illegally parked vehicle, Nitin Gadkari talks about ‘new law soon’


Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on June 16 – seemingly jokingly – announced plans to “introduce a new law” giving a £500 reward to anyone who takes and shares photos of illegally parked vehicles.

If ₹1,000 is the fine for a person found guilty of illegal parking, then ₹500 of that amount goes to the person who clicks on the image‘ Gadkari explained, giggling along with the gathering at an event called Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022 in Delhi.

It was not immediately clear whether or not a legal framework actually supports the minister’s comment.

Easy Rewards for Citizens?

The transport minister’s comments came after he gave the context that improper parking is “a major threat” due to the rising number of cars in cities across India. “Sometimes there are cars for every family member. But nobody builds parking lots. In Delhi, for example, wide streets are treated as parking lots‘ Gadkari was quoted as saying in a report by NDTV.

The 65-year-old also added that his home in Nagpur has parking for 12 cars and does not park on the street at all. He also shared a video clip of his speech at the summit on his YouTube account.

The transport minister went on to say that electric vehicle public transport is “essential” to the country amid increasing pollution. Citing an example from the US, he said that even sanitation workers there have cars, and soon there will be a similar situation in India as well, as everyone is buying cars.

Growing car sales in India

In India, auto sales have seen a significant surge of late after a sharp drop in numbers amid the COVID pandemic. Deliveries of passenger cars to dealers in May 2022 in the country more than doubled in May 2022 compared to the low numbers in May 2021, which was ravaged by COVID.

According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), car wholesale sales rose to 2.5 lakh units in May 2022, compared to under 1 lakh units in May last year. These numbers include cars and other vehicles, excluding two- and three-wheelers.

Meanwhile, total sales of passenger cars, two-wheelers and three-wheelers increased by 15,000 units in May this year, compared with under 5,000 units in the same month of 2021.

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