Shortage of flowers is causing prices to skyrocket


ROTHSCHILD, Wis. (WSAW) – The aftermath of the pandemic continues to affect flower companies. Due to the high demand for flowers and the lack of supply, they were forced to raise prices.

“Labor shortages and transportation are the two factors that have driven prices up 40 plus percent in some areas,” said Travis Yanagida, mass market account manager at Krueger Wholesale Florist Incorporated.

The start of the pandemic resulted in growers cutting between 15 and 40% of their plantings because they did not have enough staff to tend the flowers during the shutdown. Even when people started working again, not all employees did, which had a long-term impact on local flower companies.

Krueger Wholesale Florist Incorporated faced many problems, but they faced the situation and took on the challenges thorn after thorn.

One challenge was to provide large events with a limited supply of a few varieties. Weddings usually require a lot of flowers. Weddings that have been postponed due to the pandemic are now in addition to those actually planned for this year. A popular wish for weddings is white flowers, which unfortunately are in short supply.

“White carnations, white roses. Those are probably the two biggest that we say, “These things are always available, but they weren’t,” said Yanagida.

Certain plants and flowers may be more resilient to weather changes, but some just can’t handle it. The weather in the states that supply Kruger with flowers was not playing along with the other problems.

Much of Kruegers’ flowers come from California, and the cloudy days and forest fires have affected production. You will also get flowers from South America.

“There were many rainy and cloudy days in South America that slowed flower production when we needed it most,” said Yanagida.

Unfortunately, flowers in high demand come at a high price.

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