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In a board on the TNW 2O21 Conference confirmed Jacqueline Rutgers, Head of Marketing at Snap, the company’s belief that AR will be the future of online shopping.

Of all the companies out there, Snap would be the one that is so sure about making such a bold claim. Developers have invested thousands of hours making the social media platform Snapchat as AR-accessible as possible. In fact, Snap has generally run a lot of AR-led campaigns (look no further than the glasses), with online shopping being a big part of this whole process. In fact, Snapchat recently used AR at a promotional event on the platform to make sales during the pandemic. Using the cameras on their phones, users were able to virtually “try on” clothing and other accessories before making a purchase.

Rutgers advises that 94% of buyers who use AR would like to do so again based on the data collected. Additionally, there are many leading brands online that are slowly moving towards implementing AR technology. Alternative reality-led devices and functions in general exude a very futuristic vibe that many of these companies are drawn to. The ability to conveniently try on clothes on your own, despite being a very accessible current reality, also sounds like one of the tech pieces from Back to the Future. AR can prevail simply because of the interesting nature of the technology.

Another reason we can expect an AR revolution has to do with simple convenience. This has never been better understood and experienced than during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the convenience of shopping for and trying out new looks for users, they’re ready to explore a potential gold mine. The pandemic has largely helped speed up a process that this author believes would have happened anyway. Consistently used by businesses both new and old, AR and its quirks are great alternatives to physical shopping, and are generally attractive because the technology is as performative as science fiction.

Snap’s future plans with online shopping and AR have not been discussed at length. However, the conversation can be followed well with the highlights of the TNW 2021 conference. There was also a lot more discussion than just AR’s future addition to Snapchat.

Photo: ERIC THAYER / Reuters

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