Society brings cannabis options to the historic Clinton mill



CLINTON – Tyca was a landmark on the corner of Main Street and Union Street in Clinton for decades.

Since 1978 Tyca has been making clothing and accessories from embossed denim, cotton and leather in its own factories in a historic mill building.

Now the old mill is getting a new life there Society Cannabis Co. The store is now open to the public at 470 Main St.

“Society Cannabis was founded in late 2018 with the idea of ​​converting a historic Clinton mill building from light industry to cannabis manufacturing and retail,” said Zach Harvey, Society CEO.

Its founders included 31-year-old Clinton business owner Franklin Hardy of TYCA Corp., his son and daughter, and current CEO Harvey, a Massachusetts cannabis veteran.

“After receiving our local approvals, Seth Yaffe (COO) and Zach Cattan (Laboratory Director) joined the team in mid-2019 to build and operate a state-of-the-art cannabis extraction laboratory, manufacturing facility and retail store, which we will open on September 4th finally opened to serve Clinton and the surrounding communities, “said Harvey, including Lancaster, Sterling, Berlin, Bolton, Boylston and Leominster. “Our goal is to truly serve Northern Worcester County for all of their cannabis needs.”

Society Cannabis, which recently opened in Clinton, is waiting for customers.

This is the company’s only facility.

“The intersection of thoroughfares like Main Street and Union Street was obviously attractive, but the sense of home we developed at this location was an incredible experience,” added Harvey.

Cattan said that while the historic building has only undergone a few cosmetic changes on the outside, the same has not happened on the inside.

“We have completed a full conversion of approximately 5,500 square feet of laboratory, manufacturing, and retail use that was previously a rundown warehouse and light manufacturing space,” said Cattan.

Society cannabis workers in their manufacturing facility.

“Our manufacturing facility, laboratory and edible kitchen enable us to offer a diverse menu of unique, homemade, low-volume products at mass production prices,” said Scott Blumsack, Society’s Retail General Manager. “We currently have fun, pre-rolled mixed-flavor joints in what looks like an old cassette box, a range of ultra-smooth sauce and distillate vape cartridges flavored with home-grown cannabis-derived terpenes, and one A variety of small bites, infused pralines and fruit chews with taste profiles for adults, which have been perfected by our chef. “

In addition to their own tinctures, topicals, CBD and slumber products, “the purchasing team is continuously developing strategies to work with industry friends to bring in premium products that we are not currently producing, such as cannabis flowers and infused beverages,” said Blumsack. “When it comes to non-cannabis products, we have a fun selection of inexpensive glass, paper, wraps, smoking and dab accessories, as well as premium product lines like the Puffco Peak and the Session Goods pipe and bong.”

Products available from Society Cannabis.

As one of the first facilities proposed in Clinton, there was great anticipation of its opening.

“We opened our doors for the first time to incredible love and support from our neighbors, friends and families,” said Blumsack. “Since we opened, our goal has been to consistently provide our guests with a great experience. The feedback we’ve received has been really encouraging. People seem really excited about our friendly atmosphere and our dedication to things like product quality, consumer-first Pricing, product knowledge and training. “

When the cannabis stores opened, there were long lines, traffic jams and a lot of inconvenience for residents. But the more open, things have calmed down.

Now openings are like any other business and facilities need to stand out on their own, Yaffe said.

“It used to be almost enough just to open the doors and have an inventory to guarantee success,” said Yaffe. “In today’s market with many more stores, including large operators in multiple states, success is driven more by orderly processes, knowledgeable staff, a well-curated menu, and a real sense of hospitality. Find a way to stand out from the crowd and perform well. Service is more important than ever.

“We’re really excited about our team, the products we make in-house, the partners we feature on our menu for products we don’t produce, and how we try every day to find a way to do better be than us. ” were in everything we do the day before, “said Yaffe.

The sense of community is also the highlight of small-town companies.

“It is important to us to be a great neighbor and to do whatever we can to support our local community,” said Yaffe. Society Cannabis recently had the great opportunity to sponsor Clear Path, a wellness-based veterans community foundation, with their motorcycle ride in support of Veterans New England by delivering a gift basket of fun non-cannabis products.

“We hope to be able to hold some fun events in October to show our neighbors our super chilled, bizarre side,” said Yaffe.

The society is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The shop stays open until 7 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

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