South Goa Pda Accepts 15.5 Lakh Bid for Wholesale Fish Market Sopo Collection | Goa news


Panaji: The South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) met on Wednesday where board members appointed a contractor to collect “sopo” from the wholesale fish market. SGPDA chairman Wilfred ‘Babashan’ D’Sa told reporters that Milagres Fernandes has been asked to collect Sopo from the fish market wholesalers pending a new Sopo collection contract.
D’Sa also stated that the tender for the Sopo collection is expected to be published in mid-January.
“The fish market sopos have now turned to the court and offered to pay us. The highest bid received was Rs 15.5 lakh. We had received two offers before the meeting and we commissioned Milagres Fernandes to continue the Sopo collection until the tendering process was completed, ”said D’Sa.
The SGPDA has not issued a tender for the selection of the contractor for the Sopo collection.
“We can open the tender for a new Sopo contractor until January. 70 percent of the process is complete. We intend to open the tender for this purpose by January 18th, but if there are delays on the part of PWD this may also be delayed, ”said D’Sa.
A request from a Sopo contractor offering Rs 17 lakh to the SGPDA was denied because it was late, he said.
“We stuck to the agenda and when the agenda was drawn there were only 2 motions,” said Nuvem’s MLA.
He also said that two sub-committees, each with two members, have been appointed for the ODP Margao and the ODP Ponda. “The ODPs Ponda and Margao were held open for objections and suggestions for 60 days and the 60-day period expired on December 28th. We now have to set up a two-person subcommittee, which is why a meeting was called on Wednesday. Said D’Sa.


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