Spar will start in March 2022 with an online shopping and delivery service


South African food retailer Spar plans to launch an e-commerce platform soon. By soon we mean “much too late as all its competitors have been doing this for ages”. But who keeps track? Oh. To the right. We are.

Checkers launched its popular Sixty60 app back in 2019. Pick n Pay took over existing online delivery app Bottles in October 2020 and rebranded it to asap! In 2021. Woolworths launched its same-day delivery service, Woolies Dash, in December 2020.

Spar brings Spar2U

Spar Group wants to add another option to your online shopping app list.

“While many of our retailers have responded quickly to consumers’ needs for online shopping, we recognized the need for a sophisticated offering tailored to our unique business model,” said Brett Botten, CEO of Spar.

Spar is finally catching up with the on-demand delivery trend. It has seen significant growth during recent lockdowns in SA. Spar’s online shopping and delivery service will reportedly launch in select stores in Johannesburg, Gauteng (Soz, rest of the country) by the end of March 2022.

The service, called Spar2U, offers both groceries and alcohol for home delivery. It is already testing the service with some stores. There are no further details on the group’s “unique business model” and how it will impact the delivery service. It currently looks like a general ecommerce/delivery offering and will likely work via a mobile app interface.

Source: BusinessTech


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