Sun West Mortgage is revolutionizing the process of wholesale lending with the processor


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pavan Agarwal, CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. (, has always believed that the complex lending process needed to be changed. With this in mind, its software engineers developed The Processor ( Its successful launch sends a reverberation through the mortgage industry.

The key is Sun West’s instant underwriting engine, which converts pending loan applications into processed applications in minutes. Developed by Sun West software engineers, the technology brings their commitment to speed, simplicity and accuracy to the wholesale side of the business.

Fausto Valladares, Senior Loan Officer at Elite Mortgage Pros ( was one of the early adopters of The Processor’s one-click processing power. He commented, “The processor has saved us time and my customers are very happy. The work I would normally have to do and the worries I would normally have to deal with after the loan application is accepted have been completely eliminated with automation. Our loans close smoothly and our borrowers get incredible interest rates.”

Pavan Agarwal, CEO of Sun West, commented, “What makes it special is that it’s a single button processor. Push a button and almost everything a processor does manually is done in minutes. All of the manual processing required to prepare a loan for underwriting has been eliminated. Some of these steps include reviewing documents, sending disclosures, calculating income, creating a needs list, ordering VOEs, ordering case numbers, interfacing with numerous government agencies, performing data validation, ordering services Third party, etc. The technology of the processor will reduce all these steps to a single button press, so a fully signed loan and final list of needs will be delivered to you by 8am every morning. Without this technology, loan originators or their assistants have to do it by hand where you have to wait a day or more (depending on the availability of your staff) to set up the loan file and then you get a list of needs and finally you have to wait a few more days for the insurer who will usually give you a new needs list. The processor does all of this in one quick step.”

Sun West’s strategy is to build lasting customer partnerships through advanced technology. The processor typically saves 25 basis points in operational costs and eliminates stress and anxiety, which is priceless. Sun West’s culture and values ​​differ greatly from the impersonal approach of many large financial institutions and have resulted in the company earning the Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating, the Business Consumer Alliance’s Triple-A rating and thousands of 4 ratings .9 stars out of 5 , and its most recent award as one of the top 50 companies to work for.

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About Sun West Mortgage Company (NMLS ID 3277):

At Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. To achieve this, we empower our loan officers to find great rates and provide the most suitable loan options for each customer – and at amazing speed. Our focus on technology has given us an edge in the mortgage industry by being able to offer some of the fastest turnaround times – allowing clients to move into the home of their dreams sooner!

We are committed to our core values ​​of people, experience, technology and product. Sun West was founded in 1980 with a “customer first” perspective and a desire to make the mortgage process easy and stress-free for prospective homeowners. Since then, Sun West has served a multi-billion dollar loan portfolio and is licensed in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Our 41 years of experience has been passed down to everyone here at Sun West through outstanding leadership and skills.

Visit or to learn where Sun West is a licensed lender and service provider. In all jurisdictions, Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.’s principal license location is 6131 Orangethorpe Avenue, Suite 500, Buena Park, CA 90620 Telephone: (800) 453-7884.

About Elite Mortgage Pros (NMLS ID 1853663):

At Elite Mortgage Pros we are committed to providing our clients with a first class service using the best financing options available. We have formed strategic partnerships with service-oriented and value-for-money investors to offer our customers the best price. Committed to efficiency and service, we simplify the process as much as possible to bring more savings to our borrowers.

Founded in 2019, Elite Mortgage Pros is one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in California. We’ve grown faster than most companies because we care about everyone we serve. This method of helping people and putting families first is critical to future growth.

Visit to see where Elite Mortgage Pros is a licensed lender. The main license location of Elite Mortgage Pros in all jurisdictions. is 8103 3approx St, Suite 1, Downey, CA 90241, Phone: (562) 291-6696.


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