Survey: Difficulties in finding products drive away online shoppers



Almost three quarters of the consumers surveyed give their reason for not doing it an e-commerce site is Difficulty in find the products you are looking for.

According to a new survey of 1,500 US and UK consumers Provider of AI-based personalization technology Qubit, C.Challenges with Find the product you wants was reported as thate Number one reason why both US and UK buyers are leaving a website without buying (73% of the respondents).

In addition, 61% of respondents cited poor navigation as the main reason for canceling or exiting a website. 6% of respondents said they looked for products page by page. According to the qubit analysis, 6% is a surprisingly high value for the inefficient way to find products by paging at retailers usually just a couple Pageviews to attract and keep a buyer’s attention.

Shipping and return policyies (54.5%) and missing reviews (52%) were also high on the list of reasons why shoppers leave the brand’s website or abandon a purchase.

While 34.5% of respondents in the US and the UK (41.5% for US respondents only) said that when they shop online they expect recommended products to be tailored specifically for them, 37% said they that product recommendations are rarely tailored to them.

The survey also found that Cell phone, mobile phone Shopping appears to be more popular with respondents in the US than in the UK, with 41% of US consumers saying they prefer to shop by smartphone compared to just 30th% of respondents in the UK Qubit indicates that mobile E-commerce will continue to grow globally in the years to come as social media and mobile devices make not only surfing the web, but also making purchases on mobile devices effortless.

Qubit appeared in August 2021 data Shows that Online retailers can look forward to increased levels of shopping even when the stores reopen. According to this data, Almost 86% of consumers plan to continue shopping at the same level or more online despite stores reopening.

54.5% of US and UK consumers surveyed at the time planned not only to shop online as they did in the previous peak period, but 28%, including (32% in the US) of those who expected to shop more online than during the 2020 vacation. However, customer experience challenges remain as 88% of respondents said they were faced with an overwhelming amount of product choices sometimes, always, or most of the time.

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“Consumers are increasingly relying on e-commerce for their shopping needs, and doing so in greater quantities and with more determination than ever before,” said Tracey Ryan O’Connor, Qubit’s chief revenue officer. “The shift to online shopping, which has seen unprecedented growth due to the pandemic, is showing signs of longevity. This underscores the urgency for brands to improve the online shopping experience they deliver based on customer feedback and industry best practices. “



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