Target accuses “organized retail crime” for $400 million in lost profits


Similar to other big retailers, Target is reporting a $400 million profit loss in 2022 that’s expected to grow, blaming “organized retail crime.”

As part of its lackluster third-quarter earnings target has reported a $400 million loss in profits, which it attributes to a year-over-year increase in “organized retail crime.” Given how many target Retail locations can be found all over the world, increasing retail crime in several areas has caused their inventory to shrink massively, investors were told in the latest earnings report.

According to Target, disappearing inventory reduced its gross profit margin by $400 million in 2022 compared to 2021 at the same time, reflecting a loss in what the company would have earned had it sold the stolen products. With thefts escalating in many places, Target isn’t the only retail chain to have suffered millions of dollars in losses, and even McDonald’s has seen an influx of thefts during the year limited time Pokemon TCG Happy Meals. Because of the significance of the profit loss, Target has confirmed that it will work to trim losses so future years don’t look so bleak for investors.


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Target CFO Michael Fiddelke explained that the executive is well beyond the $400 million profit loss the company has already recorded and that the number will top “$600 million for the full year.” Fiddelke pointed to a number of things that can cause Target’s expected lack of inventory, stating that “theft is certainly a significant factor,” and he emphasized that this is a retail trend that’s been “increasingly strong over the past 12 to 20 years.” 18 months” worsened. In an effort to stop the ongoing shrinkage like theirs reaction to Pokemon TCG scalpFiddelke suggested that Target is “taking the right actions” to put things right, but he didn’t elaborate on what changes are being made to keep the number from topping $600 million for the year.

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Although Target executives believe the significant losses are related to organized retail crime, it’s currently unclear exactly how organized it is, with some viral clips suggesting there may be some randomness behind retail theft as well. Because of Target’s many retail locations across the US, it’s not certain which stores will record the most thefts, but Louisiana, Colorado, and Tennessee are among the states with the highest crime rates in 2022. Target isn’t alone in seeing a drastic increase in thefts as Retailers like Best BuyRite-Aid and others have reported similar issues to their investors and have identified a societal issue behind the potential influx of organized crime.

While many Target buyers have complained that they may not be able to locate stolen products, others have indicated they have no regrets about the reported losses. A customer pointed out that a local retail store doesn’t have enough staff as needed, even though Target does get ready for Black Fridaywhich Amazon has already launched.

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