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7. ITV and Stiefel UK

ITV will introduce Shoppable TV, which allows viewers to search and shop for show products from the sofa.

This is started during an episode of Love Island on ITV2.

Viewers can launch the shopping interface with their LG remote control, but must actively log in to receive the notifications and use the service.

The service is based on an AI solution developed by The Take and uses retail technologies, which are included in all LG TVs 2021 (as well as 2019-2020 models via a software update), to identify and tag featured products, as soon as they appear and inform the viewer of them does so.

If a viewer is interested, they can use their remote control to see more information and make a purchase through the vendor’s website or a link sent to their phone.

8. Yandex and Grubhub

Russian tech giant Yandex and online grocery delivery company Grubhub have announced a multi-year partnership at universities in the United States.

Yandex’s autonomous delivery robots will join the Grubhub platform, with the service available on select college campuses this fall. GrubHub works with more than 250 college campuses across the United States.

9. Axel Arigato

Swedish lifestyle and fashion brand Axel Arigato has teamed up with HERO to bring virtual shopping to their e-commerce store.

The service connects online customers in Great Britain live with a product expert who, just like in a store, guides them through the design and fit of their sneakers, menswear, womenswear and lifestyle accessories.

10. musicMagpie

The online retailer musicMagpie has teamed up with the Delivery Tech Venture Sorted.

The REACT solution was tested in April for the return journey on the customer trade-in side.

By using REACT’s shipment tracking engine, musicMagpie has improved communication with customers via its digital channels, improved shipment tracking through automatic updates and better visibility of the parcel route.

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