Tesla Tequila hits the online store for $420 and sells out immediately


You had a chance to own a limited edition Tesla tequila bottle, but you blew it.

On Wednesday, right around the company’s earnings announcement for its Q1 results, the Tesla Shop Bot (a Twitter account that notifies of new items in Tesla’s online store) discovered that a limited edition Tesla was Tequila available for purchase.

The price was obviously $420, a reference to marijuana and an (endlessly) running joke for Elon Musk, who once tweeted about taking Tesla private for $420 a share.

The original price for the Tesla Tequila, which started as an April Fool’s joke but became a real product in 2020, was $250. The Limited Edition variant, on the other hand, comes with two drinking glasses. Additionally, Tesla’s website says these are the last 420 bottles of the tequila, with an engraved number from 1 to 420, making these valuable collectibles likely.

The tequila itself, which is actually produced by nosotroshas 40 percent ABV and comes in a lightning bolt shaped 750ml bottle.


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“The exclusive premium 100 percent de Agave Añejo Tequila in small batches is made from sustainably sourced highland and lowland agaves. Tesla Tequila is aged in French oak barrels for 15 months and features a dried fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon and pepper finish. ‘ says Tesla’s website.

Unfortunately, the Tesla Tequila, which was only available in select US states, sold out very quickly and was no longer available.


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