The 20 best online bedding stores in 2022



Money grinds to a halt at your bedside, where you spend most of your life. It is your haven, the place you retreat to every night after another day of work for the man. But four years in college and a few years later sharing an apartment with an unfriendly roommate, you may have gotten used to handing over Target sheets, dorm-grade blankets, and impulsive duvet covers. It probably almost missed seeing bed bugs crawl across your sheets to replace them. You don’t want to act like this now that you own a home or rent a one-bedroom house.

At Esquire, we’ve helped you see the light for replacing and upgrading furniture. Now let’s do the same with your bedding. The place where you spend over 220,000 hours, or a third of your life, should be an oasis with comfortable, high quality sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters, and quilts.

We’ve selected our 20 most popular online stores to buy the essentials for bedding, each with their own impressive repertoire. Quite a few have managed to bridge the gap between comfort and sustainability for those looking to upgrade their bedroom, and some have luxurious sheets in traditional and non-traditional fabrics. One way or another, you should really be stuck in bedding that looks forward to getting you to sleep.

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The citizenship


The Citizenry is a site well worth your research to find the best wool and alpaca blankets, stonewashed linens, or luxurious cotton comforters and sheets, ethically sourced from local materials by artisans around the world. The relaxed aesthetic of Citizenry bedding will inspire you to create a truly soporific bedroom aura.



The MVP, fan favorite Brooklinen, sells luxury hotel-grade bedding that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. Its sheets are notoriously good: they’re available in colors and fabrics – including cashmere options – for all weathers. And you can always opt for the customizable bundles of pillows, duvets and duvet covers to beautify your room decoration.



Parachute’s bedding collections will create a modern, minimalist place of nirvana, with luxurious sheets, covers, cases and quilts in washed-out, monochrome tones. The bedding sets are supplied without the top sheet for those who prefer it that way.

Slumber cloud


Boll & Zweig

Bed bath in addition


You definitely saw this one coming. Bed Bath & Beyond is the bulk retailer in comfy items for everyone and every budget that bring a bedroom together. You will find every imaginable type of bed linen in its range of small, large and in-house brands dedicated to your bed. It really is a no-brainer.



Fantastic bed linen at a reasonable price is rare, but Snowe makes them in no-flare neutrals without sacrificing luxurious quality or style. The sheets and duvet covers are available in breathable versions, and the duvets and pillows are all very fluffy.

West Elm


For those who want to feel grown up and cultured, West Elm offers a variety of modern bed linen that is sophisticated and minimalist, with high quality fabrics such as tencel, velvet, percale, flannel and organic cotton. Muted pastel tones can often be seen on quilts, sheet sets, duvet covers, and comforters.

The company store


The Company Store’s portfolio of down and alternative down products from Scandinavian heritage makes you want to jump into bed. The sheets, linens, comforters, pillows and more are available in either muted tones or dynamic prints, in materials from bamboo satin to knitted jersey to suit even the most demanding sleeping habits.

Riley at home


For your bed, Riley offers light bed linen, cozy flannels, smooth satin and cool percale. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are extra cuddly pillows, cozy blankets and fluffy duvets – all produced in a family-owned textile factory in Portugal – for all bed sizes.




Nordstrom might not have the widest range of bedding options, but it’s the ideal one-stop shop for those who just want to add a basics or two to their getaway like a blanket or two pillows. That’s not to say that Nordstrom doesn’t have a treasure trove of crisp sheet sets and squishy quilts for you.

Urban Outfitters


For any duvet and slip cover printing approved by Gen-Z, visit Urban Outfitters. Whether you want to add floral, daring color blocking or fancy motifs to your bedroom, the store has a huge selection of bed linen to complement your personal style from oversized tops and baggy denim.



You already buy pretty much anything from Amazon anyway, so make it a destination for bulk bedding too. You can check the options of first Amazon basicsall of affordable quality then use whatever filtering tool you get to find other sheets, comforters, and blankets your bedroom needs.

Crane & canopy


Crane & Canopy makes it for a maximalist home. His pool of sheets, duvets, quilts, duvets, pillowcases and bed skirts – in bright and muted colors – does not shy away from patterns, textures or monograms. If the details are your concern, this is the brand to buy.

My Sheets Rock



If you want to toss a piece of quilt on your bed without feeling guilty about the manufacturing process, choose Coyuchi. The brand is all about 100 percent organic sustainability, mostly in cotton. Coyuchi’s products also testify to his connection with nature, because the pallets and patterns are inspired by the coasts of California and feel exceptionally natural.


Serena & Lily


If you can trace your home design inspiration to the crisp, coastal freshness, Serena & Lily has just the right choice. Each of his sheet sets, duvets, bed skirts, shawls and quilts have a relaxed summer aesthetic that is characterized by a palette of white stripes and poppy colors.

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