The baby food shortages are expected to continue into the summer while Abbott is prioritizing specialty products, the report said

  • dept Laboratories, makers of the best-selling brand, will prioritize specialty formulations.
  • The first batch will be for children with serious allergies or medical conditions, according to the WSJ.

The lack of baby food which began almost five months ago is expected to continue into the summer, The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the newspaper, the largest US manufacturer, Abbott Nutrition, is scheduled to resume production on Saturday and begin prioritizing specialty formulas.

Abbott issued a recall of its products in February bacterial strains potentially fatal to infants were discovered at its Sturgis, Michigan factory.

The first batch will contain formulas for children with serious allergies or medical conditions and will be shipped to doctors, hospitals and consumers later this month, according to The Journal.

In May, Abbott said so had reached an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration allowing it to resume production of Similac formula at its Michigan facility.

The company’s biggest competitors, Nestlé and Mead Johnson, have scramble to replace the shortfall caused by Abbott’s halt in production, but defect have held up in many areas.

The White House last month steps taken to boost imports of baby food, which accounted for just 2% of US consumption. President Joe Biden said so didn’t know the formula shortage until April.

At a White House roundtable with infant manufacturers earlier this week, Biden said the next phase of “Operation Fly Formula” would bring in 680,000 pounds of powder from the UK and Australia next week. That’s enough to produce 8.3 million standard bottles, or just under a fifth of America’s average weekly consumption.

Last month Insiders reported that Kendal Nutricare, a British manufacturer of baby formula used by Kate Middleton to feed Prince Louis, was in talks with the FDA to send formula to the US to help combat the deficiency.

Abbott and the White House have been asked for comment.


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