the journey from vertical farm-to-table restaurant to retail brand


Freshly harvested, regional and seasonal vegetables straight from the hydroponic farm to the plate – this is how GOOD BANK started in 2017 as a vertical farm-to-table restaurant in Berlin with nutritious recipes and inspired the gastronomy world. After a few successful years and a pandemic that later challenged restaurateurs, GOOD BANK is now a food brand that also provides people with sustainable food in supermarkets.

The first restaurant in Berlin Mitte expanded into a chain and won numerous gastronomic awards – then the pandemic broke out and new concepts had to be found to ensure continued existence. Ema Šimurda and Leandro Vergani, the founders of GOOD BANK, made a virtue of necessity and initially started with the Good Farm Box, a cooking box and vegetable box, followed by the 2021 launch in food retail with the creative, fresh bowls and snacks. Exactly one year after the launch in the first EDEKA store in Berlin Treptow (EDEKA Treugut), these ready-to-eat products have become the core of the GOOD BANK.

GOOD BANK products are now available with and without POS modules, including a vertical hydroponic farm, in other selected EDEKA stores and via online retailers such as Gorillas. With the move into the enlarged, IFS-certified production facility in July 2022, the team is taking a strategic approach to scaling in food retail.

Product development is currently focused on customer feedback with an ever-increasing desire for vegan and vegetarian dishes. In addition to savory salad and grain bowls, the company produces healthy comfort food-style smoothie bowls, dressings, sweet and savory snacks, and soups.



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