Tomato price drops to ₹10 per kg wholesale in Madurai | Madurai News

Madurai: The wholesale price of tomatoes has fallen to 10 rupees per kilogram in Madurai market and 12-15 rupees in retail stores due to increased supply. The popular vegetable had cost over Rs 100 per kilo a few weeks ago.
Beautiful red and ripe tomatoes have flooded the market as the winter season gradually recedes and the climate gets hotter. Mattuthavani Central Vegetable Market President PS Murugan said the daily supply, which was just 50 loads a week ago, has now doubled. The wedding season is over and so are the festivals, so there is no demand. “This is the time when hotels can make good money because not just tomatoes but all vegetables have gone cheap,” he said.
Anna Nagar’s K Shanmugapriya said tomatoes turned like gold in December and she kept them covered with rock salt to make sure they didn’t spoil. “Now that it’s plentiful and my family loves tomato rice, we make it three times a week,” she said. Tomatoes typically come to market in truckloads, each bringing around 400 15kg boxes. Almost 70 tons of tomatoes have now arrived, which is expected to increase in the coming days.
They come from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and districts like Dindigul and Theni in the state. Venkateswaran, a seller, said wastage is also high as many of the tomatoes are delivered in a ripe state. “Many of these would be thrown in the trash. It would be good if something were done in the markets to process or store ripe tomatoes,” he said. tnn

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