Uttar Pradesh: Driver spends Rs 30L from ex-MLA account arrested | Varanasi News

VARANASI: Cybercrime cell sleuths have nabbed a certain Vivek Kumar from Mirzapur, the driver of former BJP MLA Surendra Narain Singh, for spending about Rs 30 lakh from the latter’s account for online shopping of electronics, household goods, clothes and groceries had paid for items between 2019 and 2021.
Singh became an MLA from Rohania constituency in 2017 with a ticket for the Bharatiya Janata Party, but he did not run in the 2022 election as the BJP left the seat for alliance partner Apna Dal (Sonenal).
IG Range K Satyanarain said on Saturday: “After registering a case on complaint from former MLA Surendra Narain Singh, Varanasi Range cybercrime cell conducted a detailed investigation and then arrested Vivek from Karsada area on Friday. Cybercrime cops seized two smart TVs, DJ electrical equipment including amplifiers, mixers, stabilizers, lamps, laptops, coolers, inverters, batteries and many other items valued at over 8,000 rupees.”
During interrogation, Vivek revealed that he worked as a guard at Chunar Police Station in Mirzapur and was hired as a MLA driver in February 2018 with a monthly salary of 9,000 rupees. While working for the MLA, Vivek gained trust and became a member like family. As Singh began to show confidence in his driver, he shared with him the details of his bank account, where he received MLA’s salary, and his cell phones.
Vivek said he used the MLA’s debit cards to pay for cell phones and medicines.
In 2019, he downloaded the Amazon and Flipkart apps and began buying goods for himself using the MLA’s debit card, since he also had the cellphones on which the OTPs were sent, cybercrime cell officials said.
He used his own address to receive delivery of the online purchases.
During the investigation, the police officers found that in addition to branded shoes, clothes and groceries, many expensive items such as a 138cm smart TV valued at Rs. 5.80, machinery and electronic items for DJs were purchased.
By 2021, Vivek was spending around Rs 30,000 from the MLA’s bank account on his online purchases, officials said, adding that they had to work hard to collect details on the items bought online.

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