Vigilantes who uncover suspected online child robbers confronts the owner of an ice cream parlor in Carleton



Skeeter Jean posts videos on his YouTube channel confronting suspected vigilante child robbers and then posts them on social media.

The last alleged predator he outed this week was an ice cream parlor owner in Carleton, Monroe County, which now has a sale sign – and graffiti on the building.

He eventually confronted a 63-year-old on the Main Street Dairy. He denied everything, even though Skeeter brought back a chat log from their conversation on a dating app called Grindr, which showed Skeeter pretending to be a 14-year-old boy.

“I’m waiting for you to get in touch to send me a message,” he said. “I’ve set up the accounts in the app, I’ll just let it rest. I hold myself back and if someone comes in and they send me a message, I immediately let them know: ‘I’m that old, do you agree?’

Skeeter uses decades-old photos of a friend who was 14 years old in his profile. In this case, he says the ice cream seller wrote to him first.

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“It got a little bit sexual and one thing led to another and boom, now we have the videos,” said Skeeter.

The Carleton ice cream parlor is now closed and for sale.

The man even wrote on the fake teen profile that he could be the boy’s grandfather – then the two planned to meet.

Skeeter turned his evidence over to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, which confirmed that they are now investigating and trying to track down the suspected sex offender.

“It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it and that someone is me,” Skeeter said.

Skeeter Jean during a recent video at the ice cream parlor.

Skeeter Jean during a recent video at the ice cream parlor.

That being said, the Monroe County Sheriff tells FOX 2 that if people suspect something criminal is going on, go to the police first instead of taking the law into your own hands.



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