Where can I get a personal loan with a bad credit rating?


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iQuanti: When you need money but have poor or fair credit, you may not know that a personal loan is an option. Fortunately, there are many personal loans that you don’t need good credit for. These loans often come with simple applications and quick approval decisions so you can get the money you need quickly. Here are three lenders who can get you bad credit loans as you work on building better credit:

Installment Lender

Installment loans are short-term, unsecured loans in which you receive a lump sum that you repay in fixed monthly installments or installments. You can repay these loans over a few months or even years. Many lenders offer installment loans that you can apply for and get approved online from the comfort of your home.

While installment lenders often take your creditworthiness into account when approving a loan, many also take into account factors such as your income, professional history, and current debts. They don’t require good credit, so you might be approved with bad or fair credit. Remember, you may get a higher interest rate than borrowers with good or excellent credit.

Lender with cash advance

Cash advances are short-term small dollar loans that you can use to cover your expenses before your next paycheck. Cash lenders take into account factors such as your income when deciding whether to approve it as you will repay that loan on your next payday. Because of this, many lenders do not require you to have good credit and may grant you with poor or fair credit. However, be careful with cash advances and make sure you can repay the loan with your upcoming paycheck. If not, you can expect interest penalties until payment is made.

Title lender

Title loans are secured loans that you can use your vehicle as collateral and are a great option when your creditworthiness is in trouble. With these loans, you can get 25 to 50 percent of the value of your vehicle and keep driving your car while the loan is repaid.

Many title providers are more flexible when it comes to your creditworthiness since you let them keep the title of your car. But like a cash advance, you should be sure that you have a plan to repay the loan quickly. Otherwise, you could face penalties, interest or the repossession of the vehicle if you do not repay it.

How to find the right personal loan

Which personal loan is right for you depends on your financial situation and how quickly you need money. Fortunately, many installment loans, cash advances, and title loan lenders can get you the money you need, either the same day you apply or within 24 hours.

A cash advance can make most sense if you have a steady income and an upcoming paycheck. If you own a car and its safe title, you can instead use the car as collateral through a title loan. And if you want to get an unsecured loan with a larger sum of money, you can apply for an installment loan. Whichever option you choose, you want to be sure that it is the right choice for your individual needs.

The bottom line

It is possible to get a personal loan if you have bad credit from installment payments, cash advances and lenders. And these loans can allow you to get the money you need quickly and at a reasonable cost, as long as you repay the loan on time. Remember, however, that even if you can get a bad credit loan, your aim is to build your credit score through on-time payments and responsible financial management. In this way, you can get additional loan options on more favorable terms in the future.

Note: The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only. Check with your financial advisor about your financial situation.

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Where can I get a personal loan with a bad credit rating?


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