Why Retailers Should Use TikTok to Grow Their Business



TikTok is one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world. The video-based app had 689 million monthly active users worldwide As of January 2021. Clearly a hub for retailers to find, connect and connect with consumers. The app attracts a younger audience – 62% of the people on the social media platform are between the 10 and 29 years old.

Many users present products by “TikTok made me buy it“Videos, a concept that Matt Cleary enjoys and sees as” contextualizing the impact. ” [a product] on someone’s life. ”Cleary is TikTok’s Vertical Director for Retail and Restaurants, helping brands find ways to engage with the app.

“TikTok has unheard-of data reach in the US and can feed its algorithm based on a variety of behaviors that will help you focus your ideal customer and reach them where they are comfortable and looking forward to. Get information, ”says Katharine McKee, founder of Morphological advice, a consulting company for digital commerce.

“With the mix of catchy tunes and perfectly tailored content, viewers are already relaxed and ready for marketing. They enjoy it and are happy about it because they are already in a world that is tailored to them. Figuring out who your real high life-time value (LTV) customers are can be incredibly difficult for brands, and efforts to find them are often the reason behind the cost of customer acquisition. A tool like TikTok that is able to gather a variety of information and create a persona for you is invaluable. Both in terms of time savings and added value, ”she adds.

User generated content is trustworthy

User-generated content (UGC) usually has a much greater impact than branded content for many reasons. First, consumers trust UGC because they are authentic and therefore more trustworthy and not carefully created by a large company or marketing team. Second, the content serves as tutorials for potential consumers. 75% of marketers know that adding UGC makes branded content more authentic.

and 93% of marketers believe that consumers trust content created by other customers more than content created by brands. When done right, it can increase brand awareness, popularity, and therefore sales.

“As an e-commerce entrepreneur, we know our industries and products inside out, but we often forget that our customers don’t. I’ve found that honest videos, which either dispel myths and misunderstandings or explain complicated industry jargon more easily, generate ten times more views and encourage followers to engage directly with my brand, “said Ada Chen, Founder and CEO of Chuan skin care, an affordable, handcrafted natural skin care line.

Brands have the opportunity to learn from customers

When brands pay close attention to what consumers say on TikTok, they can gain valuable insights into product range, content creation, marketing strategies, and more.

A study that observed the behavior of TikTok users over a period of a month found that 68% of TikTok users watch someone else’s video and 55% upload their own videos. Whether brands are paying attention to what consumers post to gain insights, post their own branded content, or work with influencers and customers to get their products and videos on the app, it’s a win-win scenario, a big one and to address engaged audiences. 90% of TikTok users are in the app every day and TikTokers give average 52 minutes a day on the app.

With 66% of customers say transparency Being one of the most attractive qualities of a brand, it’s no wonder platforms like TikTok are on the rise. They simply deliver what consumers want to consume – information that is transparent, genuine, and trustworthy.



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