Woolworths slashes hundreds of spring prices


Hundreds of household items are being reduced at Woolworths as the supermarket offers a mild reprieve to consumers who are facing rising living costs in almost every other area.

More than 400 items will be reduced in price throughout Spring, with significant discounts being introduced on staples such as bread, yoghurt and coffee.

“With the higher cost of living being felt in all households in Australia, we know customers are looking for better value in their store,” said Paul Harker, Woolworths’ Chief Commercial Officer.

“Our Price Dropped program will help customers get their Woolies Value for those everyday essentials and easy meal solutions come springtime.”

Woolworths has invested millions in the promotion, which Monday described as the largest of its kind.

Reduced prices will go into effect August 24 and last through November 29 and will be representative of popular seasonal products, Woolworths said.

Items set to be reduced include 500g RSPCA Ground Chicken, which is reduced from $6.50 to $6, 400g Moccona Instant Coffee 400G, which is reduced from $26.00 to $20.00, and KB’s Shrimp Gyoza 1kg which normally costs $22.70 and will cost $17.00.

Chobani Fit in 170g tubs down from $2.50 to $2, 180g Mersey Valley Cheese from $7.50 to $6, 50g Dilmah Premium Leaf Tea from $5.30 to $3.70 and 500g Western Star Salt/Butter from $7.50 to $7.00.

“This is our biggest seasonal Price Dropped campaign to date and is just one of the ways you can get better value for money by shopping at Woolworths. We will continue to invest and look for ways to help millions of our customers and our team save on their weekly groceries,” said Mr. Harker.

“Over 150 of these products have a Health Star rating of 3.5 or higher. This includes key family favorites to make meals easier, healthier and more affordable. We also offer our customers healthier choices for snacks, packed lunches and breakfast options.”

The retail giant is also running an Everyday Rewards promotion, where customers will earn five times the points on all transactions over $50 at main and Metro stores, as well as online when they are in the Everyday Rewards app or via email increase.

In addition, the “price freeze” announced in June for about 200 Essentials will continue through the end of the year.

An extensive list of products to be discounted for spring has published on the supermarket’s website.

Reduced products:

– Chux Superwipes Roll Pk 60 (was $10.50, now $9.50)

– Flora Spread 1kg (was $8.95 now $8.50)

– Macro Free Range Chicken Split Lemon and Herbs (was $11 now $10.50)

– Uncle Toby’s Granola Bars Pk 15 (was $7 now $6.65 each)

– Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee 400g (was $26, now $20)

– Arnotts Vitaweat Crackers 130-240g (was $2.20, now $1.75)

– Birds Eye Deli Chips 600g (was $4.30, now $3.90)

– Edgell Nourish Bowls (was $3.50 now $2.50)

– Weet-Bix Blends 450-575g (was $5.70, now $5)

– Prep Set Go Stir Fry 500 g – from the freezer (was $4 now $3)

– Vitasoy Soy Milk 1 liter (was $2.60 now $2.30)

– Chobani High Protein Fit Pot & Pouch 140-170g (was $2.50, now $2)

– Australian RSPCA Approved Ground Chicken 500g (previously $6.50 per piece, now $6)

– Woolworths Caesar Salad Kit 290g (was $5.50, now $5 each)

– Chux Scourers Pk 8 (was $6.50 now $6)

– Woolworths Ready Meals 350g (was $4, now $3.20)

– Birds Eye Deli Fish (was $8, now $7)

– Captains Table Water Crackers 125g (was $1.80, now $1.50 each)

– Red Rock Deli Dips 150g (was $5, now $4)

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