X-Golf America Celebrates 75th Store Signing



X-Golf America turns 75.

“The interest and signings in new venues this year continues to be in line with our accelerated growth plan as a brand,” said Ryan D’Arcy, President and CEO of X-Golf America. “Increased awareness throughout the sport, combined with the lower intimidation barrier at X-Golf, has fueled the continued success of our business model. Concentrated investments in technology, coupled with operational know-how, will further strengthen X-Golf’s ability to build the unique brand in a segmented market. “

The new location will feature X-Golf America’s proprietary technology with simulators and software with bars and restaurants. The company will also launch a connected platform in late 2021 that will integrate its technologies with existing venues to personalize the experience for X-Golf players and allow them to track data, develop their game and share experiences and Prices to compete.

X-Golf began developing simulators in Korea in 2005 and launched its US franchise business for the first time in 2016. Since then, the company has opened and maintained more than 30 franchises in the United States and signed more than 35 contracts for future locations.

Logo courtesy of X-Golf America



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